Художественный перевод книг о морских плаваниях на яхте

Автор: | 26.12.2010

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Пробный перевод (3 фрагмента):
Gina and Christian Salares stop in to share one last evening before her first foray offshore. When the men wander down to the boatshop to search for a perfect bolt for a repair job, Gina asks, “How many cabbages do you think I should buy? Do you think I have enough fresh food for the crossing? What should I prepare for Christian to eat if I get seasick?”
Although hand-woven natural baskets are more handsome and allow a better flow of air around your produce, we’ve found that they create a storage problem between passages. Cardboard boxes harbor insects and their eggs and don’t allow enough air circulation; wooden crates scratch the boat; hammock nets require too much room, since they must be free to swing without hitting anything. Potatoes and onions went together into one large basket. Cabbages and carrots filled two others. Softer fruits went into individual baskets—melons in the chain locker with rags under them to keep them from moving. We’ve found that the chain locker is a good place for watermelons as well as cantaloupes—the ventilator scoop keeps them well aired. Soon the forepeak and bunk looked almost like Stall 196. I put up the lee cloth and wedged some books between the mast and the baskets so they couldn’t shift. Our guitar and gifts from the previous night filled the rest of the bunk.
Don’t depend on being able to get any engine parts as you voyage. Even engine oil can be a problem, and you should definitely buy transmission oil by the case and carry it with you. Write to the manufacturer of your engine before you set sail and request a list of parts dealers in the area in which you plan to cruise; if there are no dealers, find out whom you can contact to have parts shipped when you require them. Then visit a shop that repairs engines such as yours, ask what parts are likely to give trouble as you voyage, and stock up on spares and any special tools required to change them
PS. Несмотря на кажущуюся простоту, до сих пор никто этот тест идеально не перевел